Why We Don’t Advertise


“Hello, may I speak to the person in charge of marketing and advertising please?”


“Would you be interested in placing an ad for your business in our (insert published work here)?”

This is a typical phone conversation I have from time, and I always respectfully decline. Here’s why.

McCabe Construction markets relationships. There is something that face to face interaction can do for our industry that a sign or truck decal cannot. For us, trust from our clients is the biggest part of our mission statement, and nothing can help build that high level of trust like being there for our clients in person. There is a huge trust factor when agents put their client and their client’s home in our hands, and that is why trust and integrity is so important. That level of trust isn’t built by a billboard.

We also know that in this industry, we are a reflection of our clients, insurance agents and adjusters. No one sits and talks about their insurance at the dinner table unless an incident happens and they have to file a claim. We are fully aware that there are no bad insurance agents, but there are bad contractors. A good contractor can make the whole claims process much easier and that whole experience reflects on our clients. Being behind the scenes and helping the relationship between the agents and their clients is what we are here to do. The attention is meant to be off of us, and onto our clients.

And that, my friends, is why we work exceptionally hard to create relationships rather than advertise on a truck or sign. The attention isn’t meant to be on us- rather it is meant to be on our agents.