What sets us apart?

I could go on about excellent customer service, finishing a job right, quality work, all of the things people expect or should expect out of a contractor. Instead, I will compose a not-so-humble brag on why we believe we have set ourselves apart.

The massive underlying factor to greatness is passion. It is hard to talk about hoping for a hail storm or a flood, because what comes across as hoping for disaster is actually hoping for the opportunity to help people, and getting the opportunity to help make a tough situation as easy and as worry free as possible. That is the ultimate goal, and what we would call a successful project. Especially when making an insurance claim can be a confusing/stressful process, it helps to have a contractor who knows exactly how the process works, as all of our team members have an insurance background., but more importantly, a contractor who truly cares, and it shows.

Honesty. Being a person you call upon because you trust us is a huge priority for us.We know that when your client files a claim, the experience does not reflect on us, but rather the insurance agent. We are extremely conscious of that, and we make sure that everything we do from start to finish is top-notch quality.

We take what we do very seriously, and we will be happy to do any job, big or small, to help you and your clients feel completely taken care of when something happens to their home.